Gay Muslims- We’re not there yet.

Gay Muslims. They do exist. I recently interviewed 3 of them expecting them to enlighten me with some new twist on the age-old debate, but their answers echoed those of their Christian and secular counterparts.

Homosexuality is a not-so-well kept secret throughout the Islamic world. Afghanistan has an ancient practice, bacha bazi, which causes countless boys to be kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery and homosexual men in Pakistan are forced into prostitution because discrimination bars them from gainful employment. Then there are the stories of Arab men and women taking young boys or girls respectively, as lovers-a natural consequence in cultures where gender separation is the norm. Humans foolishly believe that nature can be overcome by rules. It can be argued that these men and women were victims of circumstance gratifying a basic need by the only means available to them. Today the Gay Islamic community, with few exceptions…

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