Councillor Collin Brewer resigns over ‘kill disabled children to save money’ comments


A councillor who told a charity worker that disabled children should be ‘put down’ to save money has resigned.

Collin Brewer, an independent councillor for Wadebridge East in Cornwall, said the controversial comments he made 18 months ago were designed to ‘provoke a debate’.

However they were met with a storm of criticism from charities and campaigners who called for him to step down.

Disability charity Scope said Mr Brewer’s comments were ‘outrageous’.

After initially refusing to resign over the ‘flippant remark’, Mr Brewer later reconsidered his position amid mounting disapproval.

Asked in an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall whether those offended by his comments would be pleased with his decision, Mr Brewer said: ‘I know they will be.

‘This is my first indiscretion – not that there’s any excuse for that.’

He said he had received messages of support from at least half a dozen councillors who contacted him…

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