Why does it feel so cold? A guide to ‘feels like’ temperatures

Official blog of the Met Office news team

With bitterly cold conditions across parts of the UK just now, have you been asking yourself why it can feel so much colder in the wind?

The temperatures that you normally see on our website represent the temperature of the air, but this takes no account of how we actually experience the temperature. It is our ‘feels like’ temperature that gives you a better idea about how the weather will actually feel when you step outdoors.

Our ‘feels like’ temperature takes into account wind speeds and humidity to assess how the human body actually feels temperature.  For example in winter a strong wind can feel much colder than the measured temperature would indicate. The impacts of the temperature and wind combined can be much greater  than each on their own and the feels like temperature allows users to make a better assessment of conditions outdoors.

But how do you actually calculate the…

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