Kenya: Renewed Conflict in Kuria Renders 2 dead, 3 hurt and 570 People Homeless – Red Cross – 180213 1330z

There have been several conflict-related incidents in the Kuria East District sinceJanuary 2013. The conflicts, which have been associated with cattle rustling, haveimpacted negatively on livelihood and political stability in the affected area, leaving3 people injured and two dead.


So far, a cumulative total of 135 houses have beentorched from both communities. Further, a Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) detailedassessment in the area has established that some 14 households out of the 570displaced families are currently camping at Taragai Chiefs Camp, with others havingbeen integrated in the Nguruna Location.

Furthermore, a retaliatory attack was carried out in Gwisaka village on 13th February2013 leading to one child being injured and an unknown number of livestock stolen. Thelatest attack was on 16th February 2013 where 25 heads of cattle, five sheep and 15goats were reportedly stolen. Two homes were also torched and after more retaliatoryattacks, a further 36 homesteads torched. Two bodies were recovered and one casualtyreferred to Akidiya Memorial Hospital.

The first attacks were reported on 3rd January 2013 when Remanyangi village inKebaroti sub location witnessed armed cattle theft that left one life lost and anotherperson critically wounded. On 30th January 2013 at Wangira Bose, there was a renewedattack in which 21 heads of cattle were reported stolen. On 9th February 2013, anotherattack was carried out in Magena leading to two homesteads being torched and 10heads of cattle reportedly stolen. There were other retaliatory attacks that saw at least19 homes torched. Five of these households have been integrated into the communityand 14 resettled temporarily at the chiefs camp.

The KRCS response teams from the West Kenya Regional Office and the MigoriBranch conducted a peace and reconciliation talk between the clashing communities,in collaboration with the Government of Kenya line ministries and the ProvincialAdministration and other stakeholders. In addition, in partnership with thesestakeholders, at least 30 non-food items kits were distributed to the affected families on14th February 2013.

To date, police have managed to recover 11 heads of cattle. There is an immediatehealth concern with some of the health centers closing down due to fear of attacks. Themost immediate gap is a need for relief food.


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