Ireland: A slice of maritime history – film looks at Donegal trawler disasters in the mid-seventies and early eighties – 160213 1900z

A slice of maritime history

As we tuck into our fish and chips, do we ever spare a thought for those who face peril on sea catching the fish?

Donegal Trawlers – Disasters

Tuesday 28 August 2007 8.30pm

For many communities dotted along the Donegal coastline, fishing was their life’s blood. With limited employment, the young men who grew up in this tiny corner of Ireland were destined for a life at sea. But it wasn’t just about the money. Fishing was the common bond between communities. In places like Killybegs and Burtonport little else was talked about.

RTE’s Television Archive Unit looks at the lives of those affected by a litany of trawler disasters that hit the community hard in the mid-seventies and early eighties. It focuses on three trawler disasters in particular: the Evelyn Mari in 1975, the Carraig Una in 1976 and the Skifjord in 1981. Altogether sixteen lives lost at sea while trying to provide for their families.

Narrated by Doireann Ni Bhriain, Disasters also features the Doolin Drownings (1983) and Loreto Convent Fire, St. Stephen’s Green (1986).

Credit: @SamuelJArun52

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A slice de stair mhuir

Agus muid ag Tuck isteach inr iasc agus sceallga, a dhanann muid sprtha riamh a shl dibh sid a aghaidh a thabhairt baol ar muir breith ar an iasc?

Thrlaer Dhn na nGall – Tubaist

D Mirt 28 Lnasa, 2007 08:30

I gcs go leor pobal dotted feadh an chsta Dhn na nGall, bh iascaireacht a saol fola. Le fostaocht theoranta, a bh i ndn na fir ga a d’fhs anos sa chinne beag bdeach na hireann ar feadh saol ar an bhfarraige. Ach n raibh s ach mar gheall ar an airgead. Ba Iascaireacht comhcheangal idir phobail. In iteanna cosil le Cealla Beaga agus Ailt an Chorrin beag a bh labhair eile faoi.

Breathnaonn Aonad RT Cartlann Teilifse ar shaol na ndaoine tionchar ag litany de tubaist trawler a bhuail an pobal go dian i lr na seachtid agus sna hochtid go luath. Dronn s ar thr tubaist trawler go hirithe: an Mari Evelyn i 1975, an Una Carraig i 1976 agus an Skifjord sa bhliain 1981. San iomln dag saol caillte ar muir agus ag iarraidh a chur ar fil d dteaghlaigh.

Narrated ag Doireann Ni Bhriain, gnithe tubaist chomh maith leis an bh Doolin (1983) agus Loreto Convent Ditein, Faiche Stiabhna (1986).


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