Father Mick Philpott allegedly ‘killed 6 children in blaze to frame lover’


A father killed six of his children in a house fire as part of a plot to frame his former live-in lover, a court has heard.

Mick Philpott is accused of starting the blaze to set up Lisa Willis and ruin her chances of winning custody of their children.

The 56-year-old was ‘the prime mover and dominant player’ in the scheme but it went ‘horribly wrong’, jurors were told.

Philpott lived in an unusual set-up in which he shared the same three-bedroom council house with his 31-year-old wife, Mairead, Ms Willis, 28, and a total of 11 children.

Mrs Philpott would normally sleep in the house while her husband slept in a caravan outside with Ms Willis, Nottingham crown court heard.

But Ms Willis grew unhappy with the arrangement and, in February last year, she left with her five children – including four who were fathered by Philpott, jurors were…

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