Bullying Study: It Does Get Better For Gay Teens

Not ‘so gay’…..Casual homophobia helps to create an environment in which aggressive homophobia, hate crime, bullying & suicide can flourish.

Be aware….The word ‘gay’ and other words (in a derogatory sense are used commonly now without… anyone even noticing or being shocked about it – that is the real shocker. People will say that not everyone means it in a bad way, but that’s not the point. It is still a derogatory word for gay people and its widespread use on in social media any elsewhere is reflective of the issues gay people face daily.


Bullied Gay Teen Found Hanging In Playground Dies After Being Taken Off Life Support

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

CHICAGO (AP) — It really does get better for gay and bisexual teens when it comes to being bullied, although young gay men have it worse than their lesbian peers, according to the first long-term scientific evidence on how the problem changes over time.

The seven-year study involved more than 4,000 teens in England who were questioned yearly through 2010, until they were 19 and 20 years old. At the start, just over half of the 187 gay, lesbian and bisexual teens said they had been bullied; by 2010 that dropped to 9 percent of gay and bisexual boys and 6 percent of lesbian and bisexual girls.

The researchers said the same results likely would be found in the United States.

In both countries, a “sea change” in cultural acceptance of gays and growing intolerance for bullying occurred during the study years, which partly explains the results, said study co-author…

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