UK: Motorists urged not to drive through floodwater after strandings and a death

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is urging people to be aware of possible flooding and reminding drivers not to risk their lives by driving through any flood water.

Fire crews attended seven separate incidents across Devon and Somerset over the last two days in which vehicles had become stuck in flood water.

Group Manager Laurie Adams said: “There is the potential for heavy, localised downpours as people are driving to work on Tuesday morning.

“We would urge them to drive safely according to the conditions and not to attempt to drive through flood water.”

People should bear in mind the following safety tips:

• do not attempt to drive through flooded roads or fords. The water is often deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast. Your vehicle may be swept away or become stranded. Vehicles can float away in just two feet of water. There may be collapsed culverts hidden below the surface which you may drive into and become trapped

• if your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately if safe to do so and seek higher ground

• do not attempt to walk through flooded areas. Even shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet and there may be hidden dangers such as open drains

Mike Dunning, spokesperson for the Environment Agency, said: “We fully endorse the message not to drive through flood water as it could be extremely dangerous.”

Today a man died after the car he was travelling in was submerged in water near Compton Wood, Newbury

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