5 dead in Oklahoma after tornadoes hit US Midwest – Updated 15th April 2012 1738GMT/UTC

Tornadoes killed five people in Oklahoma overnight Saturday, hours after a warning that “life-threatening” weather was on the way.

“The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, which specializes in tornado forecasting, said that the outbreak could be a “high-end, life-threatening event” nearly two days before the weather hit.” – Fox News


Latest reports indicate 5 dead including 2 children, 20 injured 10 critical after tornado hits Woodward, Oklahoma; although CNN quotes Woodward Mayor Roscoe Hill, “37 people were injured, including several critically, in the storm that struck the town shortly after midnight.”

Nearly 100 tornadoes were reported in the Plains Sat & Sat night. Photos & accounts:

ABC Meteorologist James Spann (@Spann) says that the “siren mentality” is a killer. Watch video:

1605GMT/UTC Update: 75% of Thurman, Iowa destoyed

“Iowa emergency officials said a large part of the town of Thurman in the western part of the state was destroyed Saturday night, possibly by a tornado, but no one was injured or killed. Fremont County Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius said about 75 percent of the 250-person town was destroyed. Some residents took refuge at the City Hall. A hospital in Creston, about 75 miles southwest of Des Moines, suffered roof damage and had some of its windows blown out by the storm, but patients and staff were not hurt. Medical center officials were calling other area hospitals to determine how many beds they had available in case they needed to move patients.” RSOE Sunday, 15 April, 2012 at 14:07 UTC

1738GMT/UTC New damage photos from Woodward, OK and Thurman, IA: wxch.nl/ILUclG


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